Geoteam offers a variety of services in the fields of hydrogeology, geothermics and environmental management. Given below is a summary of our core competencies. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Exploration, development, protection and monitoring of groundwater deposits

  • Drinking water, curative water and mineral water deposits
  • Thermal water deposits for balneological and energetic use
  • Technical plans for the exploration, development and remediation of water catchments and producing wells
Hydrological and hydrogeological tasks for water management and hydraulic-engineering projects

  • Geo-hydraulic production and aquifer tests
  • Hydrogeological and hydrochemical monitoring (e.g.: as part of power plant and tunnel construction or deep drilling projects)
  • Groundwater modelling (e.g.: drawing up of hydrogeological balances, numerical flow and transport models and hydro-chemical models)
Groundwater modelling

  • Flow simulation in civil engineering projects (e.g.: sheet piling, construction pits)
  • Large-scale water management models
  • Impact analysis of hydraulic-engineering projects
  • Transport modelling (heat and mass transport)
Near-surface geothermics

  • Carrying out and evaluating of Thermal Response Tests for the determination of subsurface parameters
  • Designing and dimensioning of borehole heat exchanger fields
  • Project planning of well systems for geothermal groundwater use
  • Hydrogeological expert opinions
  • Evaluation of thermal effects on the groundwater
  • Professional management of official procedures
  • Support of the client with tendering and contract award procedures
  • Geological/hydrogeological support of drilling and construction works
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Environmental management of contaminated sites, old landfills and industrial sites

  • CAD and GIS-based research on contaminated sites
  • Investigation and assessment of contaminated sites
  • Monitoring, remediation and disposal plans
  • Establishing a baseline report for industrial sites according to Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control)
Consulting and project management

  • Expert opinions on matters of geotechnology and hydrogeology
  • Construction site supervision in accordance with water law
  • Official procedures, submissions and approval procedures in accordance with water and mining law; drafting of expert opinions for court proceedings
  • EU project management
  • Technical and commercial support for deep drilling projects
Research and teaching

  • Basic research in hydrogeology in cooperation with universities
  • Publication of research results and related conference presentation